Part 4/4: Vacuum Seal Liquids with a Food Saver

Vacuum sealing foods for freezer storage is a big deal in our home. We buy bulk quality meats at a discount at places like Costco, sealing steaks into individual bags, then thaw as needed. We use our FoodSaver every week or two, but liquids can be a hassle since the FoodSaver is an external, not a chamber, vacuum sealer. There’s a big difference, particularly when dealing with liquids.

Here’s a quick hack to use your external vacuum sealer to store and freeze liquids WITHOUT EXPENSIVE HARDWARE OR ACCESSORIES.

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Featured Tool: Garlic Press and Slicer Combo

Many of the meal delivery services include peeled cloves are fresh garlic. There’s no mistaking the benefit and flavor of fresh garlic over powdered.

However, I’m not a fan of my hands smelling like raw garlic. Even with tons of washing throughout cooking and later with dishes, my hands after mincing garlic by knife. My garlic press one of the tools in my kitchen that receives almost daily use.

This press also features a slicer, which would be great for toasting or frying slivers to add to green bean almondine.