Chicken with Farro and Three-herb Pistou

Plated’s Pan-Roasted Chicken with Farro and Three-Herb Pistou.

Decent. Nothing too far out of the way of convenience. The name makes it sound deceivingly complicated.

The only change I would recommend is in step 5 where the recipe calls for 4 tbsp of butter to essentially deep fry the asparagus and shallots. Don’t do that. It’s just waaaaay too much butter. Cut it in half.

The recipe doesn’t call for this, but try it anyway (they’re only trying to save font space): slice and dice the rested chicken and toss it into the pot with the farro and vegetables. The chicken needs a kiss of the sauce, particularly in light of the dry pan roast the recipe calls for. Then add the remainder of the pistou and gently fold it all together.

Last idea: toast pine nuts and add into the pot before serving for a little extra crunch and balance to the herbs.

Otherwise, not a bad meal as the recipe describes. Easy enough to prep and cook correctly. Filling without much – if any – leftovers. Definitely worth making on your own from the foundation recipe below.

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