Pine Nut Crusted Salmon

Everything…every single aspect.. of Plated’s pine nut crusted salmon dish enraged me tonight.

I review these meals because I know someone out there is just trying to cook a meal for their spouse, breaking their cycle and trying to make a fresh meal for their health, expanding their range or just trying something new.

I also assume most are not advanced in the kitchen, aren’t professionally trained and have never stepped into a commercial kitchen. Which is why I try to improve the recipe, give a little guidance in hopes to make the experience better. I want you to enjoy the breakout, savor the meal and launch into your own culinary adventure.

With that, this recipe enraged me because it was so poorly written, so incoherently proofed and so damned delicious even when it was cooked incorrectly, I can’t come to its defense or to it’s trial as a witness.

Tonight I was left with a bowl full of mayo, Parmesan and pine nuts and literally thrust the recipe in front of Jaimi insisting, “tell me I’m wrong, where did I screw this up?” She reviewed and correctly pointed out where I made the mistake.

Yet the meal was better because of my mistake. Throw the mayo away. Don’t use it, don’t slather it on this beautiful salmon. It’s a terrible idea!

Live boldly, experiment recklessly with your food and try things the kinda frighten you for dinner. Then roast your green beans by at least 10 minutes over what the jackass who wrote the recipe recommends. No one likes squeaky green beans. Ever.

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