Fattoush Salad with Crispy Chickpeas

BAM! This monster of a serving is the first vegetarian dish we’ve tried and it was a beast!

Plated’s Fattoush Salad with crispy chickpeas has a flavor profile that spins around like a room full of toddlers chugging Mountain Dew. It’s robust and spicy, then soft and smooth, then a kick of heat and crunch. Every bite was a different flavor, a different texture.

Easy enough to make, though the directions could use some clarification. Would I make this again? Yes! But not as a “meal” unless I was feeding a vegetarian who wasn’t a food sissy…I know, oxymoron, but I digress.

I would, however, make this as a massive side salad and bring it to your summer pool party (you know, if we were invited to one). Instead of adding the feta and sunflower seeds to the mix, I would serve those on the side and let guests add them to their preference. Some, like Jaimi, aren’t a fan of the feta. I would toast the sunflower seeds, too.

This 2-person recipe was more than either of us could eat. Portioned out as a side dish, you should expect 6-8 servings.

— at Owens Dining Laboratories.

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