Grilled Chicken Cobb Salad

It’s so frustrating, even when you know what you’re doing and you’ve read the recipe before starting, you still need to pay attention to what is happening while you’re cooking each ingredient.

First off, the recipe is technically wrong here when it states, “Preheat oven to 425˚F”… “Roast [mushrooms] until caramelized and crispy, about 15 minutes.”

What Plated may not anticipate is that I calibrate my oven. So when I set it to 425˚F, my oven heats to 425˚F, maybe +/- 5˚F. My mistake? Not second guessing the 15 minutes for the oyster mushrooms at that temperature, setting the timer and being distracted with work while I was also cooking. Man, that sucked because the mushrooms came off of the baking pan as bits of burnt earth. HOWEVER, those that weren’t burnt through were steeped in flavor so this definitely has potential! Start with 8-10 minutes and keep a close eye on them.

Next, the “Greek yogurt ranch” dressing. It is good…BUT… only use 1/4 of the portion to coat the romaine heart, not half, and just stop there. It’s far too much dressing by the recipe’s guidelines. Serve a ramekin with the remainder or refrigerate it for use within the next 2 days. It tastes great and appears to be a healthier substitute to traditional ranch dressing.

Outside of that? Good dinner. Make this!

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