Home Chef’s ‘Cajun Shrimp Tacos’

Tell you what! This was the trifecta of “good, easy and affordable.” This meal kit was thankfully straightforward, easy to follow, involved little back-and-forth of things going from a pan to a bowl and back to the pan again. The end result was delicious, filling, affordable and something I would cook again from the recipe without the boxed preparation.

My only recommendation would be to reduce the source cream by half for the cole slaw. It just wasn’t necessary. And if you can pick up an extra lime to use, it wouldn’t hurt for a little extra tang. But the fried jalapeƱo crisps were a salty and fun surprise of heat. Someone needs to sell those in a bag.

Recipe card below. Or pick up the kit for $18.99 for 2 servings (3 tacos w/ 3 shrimp each) from Ralph’s or Kroger’s super-mega-marts.

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