Sausage and Squash Casserole

Plated’s “Sausage and Squash Casserole” is bar none the best Plated dish we’ve had the pleasure of eating. This winter dish is the perfect balance of rich and savory flavor profiles, from the buttery butternut squash to the fennel in the Italian sausage. Topped with crumbed cornbread reminiscent of Thanksgiving stuffing.

This dish is the go-to for a cold winter night.

I made no changes to the recipe beforehand but I would recommend the following modifications:

  • Mix the squash, sausage and heavy cream in a bowl first. Then mix in the Gruyere cheese. Layer into the provided aluminium tin. Don’t clean the bowl, we’re going to use it next.
  • Mix the crumbled cornbread and olive oil in the bowl from above, absorbing the flavorful remnants into the cornbread.

The benefits of the two changes above are to bind the casserole together with melted cheese, which makes it easier to serve, and then to capture more of the flavors into the corn bread crumble topping.

You need to order this one the next time it appears in available options on Plated.

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