Blackened Cod with Corn “Salad”

Plated’s Blackened Cod with Garlic Aioli and Corn….salad(?)

The corn, tomato and avocado salad/side/thing was AWESOME! Make this! This needs to be in your summer BBQ go-to. The blackened cod was also really good.

The only change I would recommend is cutting the cayenne in half, then starting with half of that. Plated seems to over-deliver with this single ingredient with every single recipe. It’s always far more than is necessary so tread lightly.

Seared Steak with Cherry Tomato Vinaigrette (Plated)

It’s time to start a cooking commentary called, “That’s a terrible idea. Don’t do that.”

Tonight’s Plated meal, Seared Steak with Cherry Tomato Vinaigrette, was a mediocre recipe from the start. I made the mistake of starting to prep before I read the whole recipe through and realized at damn near every step there were serious flaws. I corrected along the way and the meal was FANTASTIC! Continue reading “Seared Steak with Cherry Tomato Vinaigrette (Plated)”